Insights & Challenges

The real challenge was to maintain 20% market share in Pencils category. With a 20% – 50% increase in retail prices across the category, it came down to choosing the best quality pencil in a reasonable price. The idea was to register in consumers’ minds that Dollar Pencil offers the best quality in a favorable price.


We banked on top tier channels in Entertainment and News genres along with investment on Kids’ channels to create affinity with our primary audience.


TV was a massive success:

  • Reach @ 3+: 92% (Planned 87%)
  • PIBs: 56% (Planned 40%)
  • FOC mileage: 88% (Planned 43%)
  • CPRP: 12.3k (Planned 16k)

Success Story

Not only 20% market share was maintained, but 1.5x increase in sales was also registered post campaign. Before campaign, the decline in sales was witnessed due to increase in price point