Being one of the market Leader in Pakistan, General Fans Company faced the equally greater impact due to Covid19 when all the retail shops were closed during the lock down in their peak season


The brand wanted to explore the online market for the first time to sell their high-ticket items (Fans)

Their Solution

Prior to this GFC never ran any online sales campaign due to the different consumer buying behavior against the product.

We applied the full funnel approach to their conversion strategy. Created three separate campaigns covering the three stages of the funnel separately.
In the 1st campaign, we targeted the CORE Audience by keeping the audience size fairly broad based on demo, interests & behaviors (engaged shoppers) on Automatic Placements while created the 2nd campaign for retargeting the users who showed interest by engaging with ads (content), visiting website, viewing content(website), added products to cart or initiated check-out but didn’t purchase (exclusion).
Content was personalized across the funnel. At the top of funnel we used brand’s functional commercial and then personalized the content at the middle of funnel where home delivery benefits and detailed product features were communicated for validation and push to purchase. Ads in the middle & bottom funnel were based on catalog (carousel & collection)


The First Time “Home Delivery” Campaign helped GFC earn unexpectedly effective results which motivated the brand to increase its Digital Budgets.

  • Total Purchases: 2000+
  • Total Purchase Value: $100,000+
  • ROAS: 12x (Above Average)

Products used