Insights & Challenges

Moiz Gurr was shifting gears in terms of brand positioning, from being in desserts category to now entering snacking. The challenge was to register the new launched 5 flavors and make space for themselves in a category already densely populated with RTE snacks.


  • An all-inclusive campaign was planned
  • RODP TV airing plan
  • Jeeto Pakistan segment branding
  • 70 product integration in 9 morning shows
  • Ramadan and Eid planning


TV was a massive success:

  • Reach @ 3+: 84.2% (Planned 81%)
  • PIBs: 51% (Planned 40%)
  • FOC mileage: 111% (Planned 40%)
  • CPRP: 15.9k (Planned 18k)

Success Story

TOM increased 400 bps, going from 2 to 6 during the campaign period.