The Ask

In an over cluttered milk category, key challenge for new entrant into the category was to generate awareness and TOM for its newly launched brand. To increase Milk Field’s association with TG as a trustworthy brand and increase consumer penetration by being present on the TG relevant touchpoints.

Key objectives

Build awareness, add Milkfields to the consideration set of milk brands for TG

Insights & Challenges

With the surge in doubts around consumption of UHT milk and its probable disadvantages (particularly around taste and digestion), clearly the challenge was to stand out and launch a new brand in this highly cluttered category. On competitive landscape, a strong foothold of Olper’s, MilkPak etc ensures there is next to no possibility of a successful entrance by any third player.
Our studies show that the biggest driver of milk purchases is the “healthy” perception in consumers’ minds instead of “price” and reported key qualities like taste, thickness, and color. Mostly purchased by women of the households, the decision makers Females who, generally, make up their minds before entering the store and may hop to another if their preferred brand isn’t available.
While the audience is tech-savvy, it was vital to create awareness through traditional route, hence, post launching on Digital media, TV was activated to aid with mass recognition and image building.


The campaign had initially started off on the Digital front, but given the media landscape of our country, TV was also activated to create awareness, given TV ranks at top among highly penetrated mediums. With 25 channels in the mix, the communication was aimed more towards Entertainment genre to capture bullseye TG (females) along with banking on news to cater to single TV phenomena which is prevalent in our environment.
On Digital facade, YouTube was the platform of choice, followed by social sites like Facebook and Instagram along with activating Google Search. Our preference was to proceed with Programmatic buys to access premium inventory along with Social, Display, Search and PR takeover to create mass awareness and surreal launch impact.
The amalgamation of the two mediums proved to be successful, TV propelled awareness while Digital garnered meaningful engagements.


The campaign was launched on TV across all 25 channels, with running Roadblocks on the first two days of the TV campaign exactly at 7:55 PM (peak Prime Time inventory) on Entertainment genre. This was done to secure the audience base when they tune in to watch their favorite drama serials on Entertainment channels. Along with this, premium properties like sponsorship of hit drama series PARIZAAD, along with premium ad positions on Tier 1 and 2 channels so that the target audience doesn’t miss the ad. The first week of the launch saw full adapts running to register the message in our audience’s minds, after the launch phase, shorter adapts were introduced to aid recall and build frequency.

On YouTube, contextual targeting to each set pf audience was done via bumpers based on their interests and affinities. Similar to TV, roadblock was also run on YouTube to own maximum SOV. The increased visibility across Facebook and Instagram helped build recall of the campaign. Tactfully leveraging Search and Display based on the search queries of our audience also paved way for mass awareness which was the prioritized objective of the campaign.


The campaign was a massive success, evident by the numbers it scored. On TV, a total of 85% audience was Reached @3+ (11 million individuals in absolute terms), along with securing 61% premium positions during ad breaks. FOC mileage of 35% was also procured (PKR 9.3 million in absolute terms). In finality, 1888 GRPs were reaped, more than 70% of which were derived from the Entertainment genre. 100% SOV was achieved on premium properties.

On Digital, a total of 655+ million Impressions were recorded along with almost 4 million Video Views and 13 million Engagements and 4+ million Clicks.

As a result, TOM (Top of Mind) recall increased by 300 bps, going from 0% to 3%, and total brand awareness stood at 47% in the first three months of the launch. This is the fastest growth recorded for a new entrant in the Milk category.

Success Story

Milkfields competes with established dairy brands that are spending 10 times more money and have more resources, yet it is able to make a mark, win hearts and capture market share in a little over 1 year of its launch.