The Ask

After celebrating a year in Pakistan, in 2022 the next step was to promote Spotify’s market presence in Pakistan through a large-scale media campaign.

There was a need to establish Spotify as the go to music destination for all, by building on brand differentiators amongst other players and pushing the key features.

Key objectives

Build awareness, increase brand love and increase userbase of Spotify in Pakistan

Insights & Challenges

Establishing Spotify as the go to music destination for all, by building our differentiator amongst other players and pushing our key features. Build awareness, brand love and drive registrations to Spotify.


  • TV led campaign to deliver on our maximum reach objective, creating mass awareness.
    • Sponsorships of cricket series, top rated dramas was talk of the town. 
  • Exclusive ad breaks & premium positions on TV was bought for our message to stand out. 
  • In addition, OLV, Social, OOH, Radio and On-Ground activation was also made part of the campaign.


Total duration of this campaign was 47 days and a mix of 32 channels was made; 16 were entertainment, 12 news, 3 movies & music and 1 sports. The targeting was kept relatively broad consisting of Gen-Y and Gen-Zs from key metros. 77% SOS was allocated to the entertainment channels, 13% to the news and 5% was allocated to the niche channels (music & movies). We ran roadblocks after every 5 hours on during the 3 days of the campaign (6th – 8th June, 2022). Full length copies of the hero videos were run during the first 8 days of the campaign to register the communication followed by a mix of full copies along with shorter edits to build frequency. Creatives were mapped according to the type of content the were aired on.
To get additional exposure, shorter copies of the campaign were run during the Pakistan vs. West Indies cricket matches on 8th, 10th and 12th June 2022. This was complimented with on-ground advertising, presentation ceremony branding, trophy branding and other in-match integrations like man of the match, best batsman, best bowler etc.


For a TV led campaign, Spotify turned in strong numbers for the second quarter, beating expectations for total and paid subscriber adds.

Success Story

A 35% increase in MAUs recorded post campaign, beating the odds and finding ways to innovate and grow during such unpredictable times.