Website Design & Development

We are experts in creating and delivering dynamic corporate and e-commerce websites with the help of our responsive design and user-friendly experience. These user interfaces (UIs) are created in accordance with the requirements of the customers in order to guarantee optimal web digital/ web marketing performance through the use of version control with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, and Shopify.

Performance Marketing / E-Commerce Optimisation

Our digital performance marketing professionals are dedicated to provide various digital marketing services, such as, achieving conversation rate optimization (CRO), A/B testing, landing page optimization, campaign tracking and performance measurement, providing digital advertising platforms (Google Ads, Facebook/Meta Ads, TikTok etc.) customer segmentation, driving targeted traffic, budget management and maximizing ROI in digital marketing (Return on Investment) through efficient conversions; be it online purchases, App installs. Client leads, account opens, revenue growth etc.


Our reporting includes monitoring and analyzing the performance in marketing and promotional efforts across channels. As we value time, all our digital and traditional media campaigns are promptly reported to clients for our clients to make timely decisions based on data to achieve their marketing goals. This procedure provides an evaluation of the campaign’s effectiveness as well as the best strategies for the future.

Programmatic Advertising

Our digital programmatic advertising specialists have the required expertise and knowledge necessary to plan, execute, and optimize advertising services/campaigns using the most recent programmatic platforms and technologies. They understand the complexities of the programmatic ecosystem and are well-versed in audience segmentation, targeting, and data analysis, and also serves a variety of programmatic media buying strategies like real-time bidding (RTB), private marketplaces, and programmatic direct. We use multiple DSPs, including Google Display & Video 360 to execute campaigns across multiple exchanges to maximize campaign efficiency, reduce costs, and produce measurable outcomes.

Creative and Content Development

Our creative department delves into the realm of creative advertising and examines key elements that drive successful campaigns and captivate audiences. Our skilled digital content development team is able to create engaging content that distinguishes businesses from the competition. By developing a content (in digital marketing) strategy our specialists will assist businesses in achieving their desired outcomes.

Influencer marketing

IG Square is also an influencer marketing agency which can assist brands to improve their image presence and accomplish distinctive business results. We can do this by means of strategy development, influencer identification, relationship management, campaign execution, performance analysis, staying up to date on industry trends and effective collaboration with influencers using our relationship and experience. By utilizing these abilities, our clients can effectively use the potential of influencer collaborations to achieve desired marketing goals.

Social Media

By providing comprehensive digital/social media marketing services, our team assists clients in maximizing their online presence by effectively developing best social media marketing strategy using the available digital platforms by creating compelling text, images, videos, and infographics which helps in connecting with their targeted audiences. We also provide our clients with regular reports that highlight accomplishments, areas for improvement, and suggestions for future strategies by analyzing the data and metrics.


Online brand discovery is the key in today’s work of digital with our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM or PPC) services which helps businesses improve their ranking and visibility on the SERP and eventually get more people to visit their websites and convert.

Digital PR

By proactively using our social media listening tools, we timely respond to negative reviews, comments, and testimonials amplifying positive sentiment, our expert digital marketing team helps in managing a brand’s online reputation. As an influencer marketing agency, our work entails developing and maintaining relationships with online journalists, bloggers, and influencers to obtain media coverage, product reviews and other online publicity opportunities.